The Apocryphal Prophet George

July 22, 2009

His Obaminable Oneness Says Let Your Mother Die

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Bastard son of a communist whore.


July 4, 2009

233 years

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The United States formed as a refuge for the world’s outcasts, where those from beyond could find sanctuary from the oppressive taxes and tyrannical laws of their ancestral homelands. The architects of the Revolution were, for the most part, rich men who sacrificed all they had or nearly that much in the hope of breaking this land away from Britain and its European political entanglements.

In the French and Indian Wars, European conflicts spilled over, through their Indian alliances, to America. Three times this happened over the course of Britain’s and France’s ‘Second Hundred Years War.’ It was the enmities established by those opposing Indian alliances in the first three wars, that caused the fourth war to begin in America, the French and Indian War. Those with a bias towards the British will say that the taxes they laid on their colonies after the French and Indian War was just payment for the military aid they sent. But from the American perspective, that aid in the fourth war was a very late repayment for not sending any military aid in the first three wars, and from that perspective the taxes that occurred afterwards were a complete insult.

As a result, the American colonies rebelled, and over the next century became a nation that was the envy of the world.

Now, eleven score and thirteen years later, we may be standing once more on the brink. Some say King George has returned. True, he’s a good bit swarthier than the old portraits show and goes by the name Barack H. Obama now, but the man in the White House is nonetheless someone who imagines himself King, and aims to squeeze the American people for all they have.  He has bribed the voters with promises that the government will take care of them– their housing needs, their livelihoods, their health.  Blind to the fact that the King will soon lay claim over their very bodily functions, they voted for him, bribed by shiny promises.  And the democrats, true to their name, irrationally believe that a vote holds supreme moral authority, that the will of the people manifested in an election is unimpeachable.   This sentiment is shown by their reaction to the events in Honduras, and their perverse reaction to the events of Iran.

He has deliberately avoided the use of anti-fraud measures in accepting credit card donations for his election campaign, allowing a significant amount of campaign funding to come from unverifiable sources.

He has given voice to the climate-alarmists and threatened to bankrupt the coal power industry, and stymied oil companies’ efforts to explore for and exploit new oil reserves,  threatening reckless inflation to the prices of electricity and fuel, all in the name of an imaginary crisis.

He has promised to extend into the United States, a type of health care system more like that of many European countries, whose inevitable course is dangerously long waiting lists and eventual rationing.  He has said outright that he would not necessarily subject his own family to the care of the system he means to inflict upon the rest of us.

He has interfered in the American automobile industry,  throwing the taxpayers’ hard-earned money away trying to save two insolvent car manufacturers.

He has, with his accomplices in Congress, begun efforts to tax the emission of the gas carbon dioxide, which is in truth a vital part of the Earth’s life cycle, but mendaciously described as a pollutant, hysterically described as the main cause of the imaginary threat of global warming.

He has pissed upon our steadfast allies Israel and the United Kingdom, ignored the very real possibility of forging stronger alliances with India, Japan, and the nations of Eastern Europe, and instead focused on winning the favor of South American socialists and Islamic theocrats in the Middle East.

He has used the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to intimidate his political opponents.

He has relaxed our nation’s vigilance against Islamic terrorism, the same menace that has haunted our nation since the Barbary Wars, now refusing to name the enemy, and  now working to restore their agents to positions of political influence.

He has bent the major press and television news agencies to his will, using the deaths of celebrities as smokescreens to cover the stealthy advancement of his agenda, using their sycophantic worship to insulate himself from those who wish to ask harder questions.

If it is at all possible, the People of the United States must endure until the elections of 2010, when we may purge the King’s accomplices from Congress and leave him vulnerable to the formal process of impeachment, and then proceed with a refreshed government with a new President at its head, with the will to undo all that Barack H. Obama  has achieved against the people.   The alternative is too terrible to discuss, but let us not indulge in the conceit that it cannot possibly come to that.  Remembering that it can come to such terrible consequences is the way to find the resolve not to allow such a thing to occur.

July 2, 2009

A more honestly totalitarian proposal for universal free healthcare

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Let’s stop  beating around the bush, President Soetero, Obama, Wilberforce, whatever your name is.

Let’s take a random selection of 50% of the top 10% of every high school graduating class and ship them off to special installations in remote parts of the country.

There they will partake in a compulsory education in college-level courses designed to make them nurses, pharmacists, or lab techs; all of the programs designed to work as pre-medical degrees so that they may all take a compulsory MCAT and the top-scoring 10% or so will be enrolled in compulsory medical school.  Students will be provided with food, housing, and Wi-Fi.  A variety of disciplinary measures will be approved to minimize unnecessary academic failure; the measures include psychological, pharmacological, social, and corporal discipline techniques.  Washouts will be thrown into the streets, placed in menial labor roles, or enrolled in the medical experimental volunteer list, depending on what makes sense at the time.

Graduates of the program will be guaranteed a luxurious lifestyle in 500 square foot government condos with a weekly ration of 10 pounds of government granola, 5 pounds of government mystery meat, and 1 pound of government cheese, along with a 512 MB daily Internet bandwidth quota, in perpetuity so long as they work in a volunteer capacity at a local government-approved hospital or clinic.  Deserters of the program will be automatically enrolled as medical experimental volunteers.

I think this is what would really help out our healthcare system, Mr. President. I hope you’ll consider it.


Joe M.

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